Can be more than just a CRM for you

All-in-One CRM

Does your company’s collection of software help you get more work done? Or does it give you more work to do? Modern companies have more tools available than ever before, but it can be a struggle to keep them all organized and make the most of each. aiocrm could be THE solution for you:

At the moment aiocrm is a basic CRM software. But as the name tells, aiocrm aims to be an all in one solution. This should be realised trough many in-app modules and integrations to third party solutions.


Selling more doesn’t have to mean working more with today’s digital tools.

Use aiocrm so that your staff is able to gather, connect with, and convert more leads without adding hours to their week. Your company is one tool away from improving its sales numbers.


The right software can take the guesswork out of marketing but only when it’s used properly.

That's why the marketing module is planned next on our ToDo list.

Many More...

The aiocrm team is constantly working on adding new modules so that our software truly lives up to its name as an all-in-one CRM platform.

Get. More. Done.

Your company can keep adding platforms to its repertoire.

If staff members don’t have a streamlined solution for accessing and using them – by themselves or in tandem – you’ll never see the benefits you were promised.

Our all-in-one-CRM will change that, so your company benefits from the full power of the software you’re paying for.


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